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54 efforts to protect the Nanjing Youth Olympic smoothly

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August 16, the second Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing opened China Electric Division 54 construction units as Nanjing Metro, fully into the subway security work in the Youth Olympic Games for athletes and spectators safe travel escort.
December 2011 China Electric Division 54 construction projects contracted YOG - Nanjing Subway Line Communication systems engineering general contracting projects. New Line station 10 which set the line No. 10 Zhujiang Control Center and City West parking lot, while the existing station 4 and depot equipment upgrading. 54 January 2013 Youth Olympic construction projects contracted - to Gaochun Nanjing Intercity Rail Nanjing South Station to Lukou segment communications systems engineering general contracting projects. Airport line north from Nanjing South Station, south Lukoujichang, including a total of eight stations, a control center, a depot, a total of about 18 sub-systems, including a full range of stations involved in the scope, range, depot, the control center. After the project is completed, people from South Station to Nanjing Lukou Airport in just half an hour, greatly facilitate the travel of passengers.
China Electric Division 54 in cooperation with Nanjing Metro since 2007 Nanjing Metro Line, has undergone Nanjing Subway Line, Nanjing Metro airport line, Nanjing Metro Ning day intercity lines, Hexi tram, rail unicorn trams, and is building the Nanjing Metro Line and the upcoming construction of the Nanjing Metro Line and other lines construction. China Electric Division people to perfect the technology and serious attitude for the Youth Olympic luster, for safe operation of the Nanjing subway escort. And will continue to uphold the Olympic spirit Build the future on the Nanjing subway projects.

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