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28 LUDIAN mobile weather emergency vehicles to protect the earthquake weather warning and communication

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August 3, Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province 6.5 earthquake, the focal depth of 1200 meters, causing heavy loss of life and property. After the disaster, disaster rescue force levels quickly rush to the rescue. Among them, China Electric Division 28 of Zhaotong Municipal Meteorological Bureau developed a mobile weather emergency vehicles rushed to the first time after the earthquake, the core area affected by the earthquake, rapid deployment of meteorological observations, and public information sharing, decision-making at all levels to implement disaster relief organizations, institutions offers live, real-time scientific and objective basis for the field command to provide reliable weather warning and protection.
The mobile weather emergency vehicles in June this year, delivered to users, the car can provide protection in all kinds of weather emergency public emergency, disaster relief scene, especially when confronted typhoons and severe convective weather, real-time monitoring can be performed dynamically, for each class major events and provide a strong meteorological information services. The car is safe and reliable design, system configuration is complete, can in the event of sudden disaster, quickly arrived at the scene and quickly start work, the site of a variety of meteorological data, images, data, voice and other information to the command center to ensure duty Room and decision-makers in real-time to watch the scene, first hand, provide a favorable basis for the development of post-emergency programs.
As the local government only self-propelled platform meteorological emergency support, the movement of emergency vehicles during the conduct of meteorological support work has moved more need based on the core area of ​​the earthquake disaster in providing efficient weather protection for relief levels simultaneously, and to assist protection of emergency communications.

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