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22 Petroleum electronic two achievements won the national invention patent

Veces de hojeadas: Fecha:2014-10-09

Recently, the 22 "well-week ultrasound imaging scanner head go down" and "drilling dual-frequency dielectric constant of electromagnetic wave resistivity instrument calibration method" two results of national invention patents, and belong SDZ-8000 systems and imaging logging-while-drilling electromagnetic resistivity instrument projects.
Both projects have strong market prospects, SDZ-8000 imaging logging system to achieve the imaging instrument platform, the downhole tool string length is shorter, more flexible combination, greatly enhance the transmission rate, time to go down to be completed by all conventional logging and portion of the imaging program, improved logging operations and the failure to obtain the accuracy of the underlying data.
MWD electromagnetic wave resistivity instrument is one of the core logging-while-drilling instrument, the instrument can be achieved and the geological formation evaluation while drilling oriented features, is currently the most widely used of a LWD. The instrument is also 22 independent research and development of electronic products of petroleum products.

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