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Chinese electric company launched a new version of Chinese science desktop and server operating systems

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September 13, Chinese electric science companies in Beijing, China released a Linux-based kernel Waterhouse family of operating systems 3.0, 1.0 and 2.0 compared to the previous version, 3.0 version includes a desktop PC operating systems and server operating systems, the new version of the operating system user interface, richness, and many other applications have been greatly improved.
In the server operating system, based on the latest Waterhouse stable kernel, the operating system provides the cultural environment and common graphical management tools, support for a variety of installation methods, providing complete system servers and network services, integration of multiple-use compiler and supports many programming languages​​. The new system is also compatible with many software and hardware to meet the system requirements and homemade chips based on X86 architecture critical applications for telecommunications, financial services, government, military and other enterprise-critical applications.
In Price Waterhouse desktop operating system, Waterhouse independently developed the new "S & P China Software Center", "Price Waterhouse system accelerator" and other utility software, the user has to create a software management services, real-time memory view and cleanup services, network Real-time traffic monitoring system platform service experience. Among Waterhouse server operating system has been part of the deployment of the central enterprises and government departments, and desktop operating systems are also part of the banking system has been applied.

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