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55 Kunihiro company IC products into the mainstream mobile phone market

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Recently, the 55 developed countries Bo K series of multi-band multi-mode switch IC products entered the bulk Huawei, ZTE and other domestic mainstream brand mobile phone application market, weekly shipments over one million, ending a few of these products are completely US-Japan business monopoly in the market.
Multi-band multi-mode switch IC is a new generation of smart phones is an important function of the circuit, due to the design requirements, the production process is difficult, long-standing market has been monopolized by a small number of American and Japanese big business. As a "state planning IC design enterprises", 55 Kunihiro company firmly grasp the needs of domestic and international communications market, targeting the high-end and cutting-edge electronics and information technology industry chain, to focus on their own core technology development and mastery, to carry out new RF IC the research and development, and the rapid formation of industrial capacity, integrated circuits formed a zoom range, the control series, frequency range, multi-component series, used in mobile communications 2G, 3G, 4G positive development, IC product shipments year the amount of 40 million.
China is the world's largest mobile communications market, the world's largest producer of mobile communications products. Enter the mainstream mobile communication terminal market, is the new target countries industrial development of his company, the successful application of the country Bo K series, marking the country RFIC products his company realize from base station applications to mobile phone as the representative of all-round development of end-use applications.

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